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SCOPE Galleries Biennial Award Art Concerning Environment is currently in recess 

2016 Art Award

The winner of the 2016 SCOPE Galleries Art Award for Art Concerning Environment was Harry Nankin for his artwork entitled The End to the Age of Entitlement, a pigment inkjet print on rag paper (digitally reiterating a unique gelatin silver photogram).

Harry Nankin, The End of the Age to Entitlement, pigment inkjet print on rag paper, 142 x 117cm $6600. Winner 2016 SCOPE Galleries Art Award - Art Concerning Environment. 

The judge Martin King also commended seven artworks (highlighted below) which shows the strength of the exhibition.

The pre-selected 2016 SCOPE Galleries Art Award - Art Concerning Environment exhibition comprised the following artist's work.


AMBRIDGE, Margaret - Plague

ANDERSON, Jessica - The Homeland

BRADLEY, Julie - Flying Fish

BURNS, Robyn - An Apple a Day

BUTTERWORTH, Peter - Protector

CLARKE, Matthew - The Kirkstall Wallabies

COLLIER, Betty - The Cluster

CRIDLAND, Narelle - Deceased Water Buffalo

CROCE, Beth - We'll always have Paris

CURTAIN, Jon - Duck

De WAAL, Karl - Paradise Lost Highly Commended by Judge

DOYLE, Avalyn - Seagrass Lake Wallagi #1

ELPHICK, Janine - Death of an Icon

ELPHICK, John - Gunboat Diplomat

FOLETTA, Louise - Rhythms of the Inlet (Bithry Inlet)

FRANKLIN, Annie - 100 Kilometres per Hour

FRAZER, David - Drift

HACK, Emma - Towards Dusk I Look into the Air for Guidance Highly Commended by Judge

HERBURT, Marek - Mali Trees at Dick's Place

HILL, Debbie - Come Sinner Come

HUME, Michael - Mimic Highly commended by Judge

KLEIN, Deborah - Actinus Imperialis Beetle Woman

LANE, Jo - Human Nature

LOOKER, Brian - In the Balance

MAES, Andrew - New Chum

MANIFOLD, Harley - Reconstruct

MANIFOLD, Marion - Southern Ocean Wrack

MARCHANT, Graham - Wetlands Lane Cove

McGOVERN, Kathryn - Catch of the Day

MORGAN, Glenn - Dry as Buggery Highly Commended by Judge

NANKIN, Harry - The End of the Age of Entitlement I Winner of the 2016 Award

NORTH, Louise - When Water Meets Forest

PARBS, Tiffany - Vacant Highly Commended by Judge

PINKAS, Anne - Opposite Views

PLOOG, Shirley - Nature is Talking, are We Listening

PRICE, Danny - Ark

PULS, Megan - Habitat Highly Commended by Judge

REVILL, Sara Jane - Flybot Highly Commended by Judge

SISSON, Joanne - Dog Rocks #1

SMITH, Melissa - Driftnet

TEN RAA, Emily - Portrait of Imogen Zethoven wearing a Bleached Coral Ruff

WILSON, Carole - Field Notes: Woodland

We had a good response from artists to the 2016 SCOPE Galleries Art Award and this made it a very difficult task to pre-select a limited number of artworks for the Award exhibition. As always we wish we could display every artists piece but that is just not possible.  We sincerely thank the artists from across Australia that entered the Award and in doing so have helped raise awareness of environmental issues.  

The Award exhibition was current at SCOPE Galleries from June 11 to July 31 2016. 

2016 SCOPE Art Award Guidelines and Entry Criteria

2016 SCOPE Art Award Entry Form 


 2014 Award

Announcement: The 2014 Scope Galleries Art Award-Art Concerning Environment, was awarded to Julia deVille for her artwork entitled Albumen.


Julia deVille, Albumen

The judge Marita Smith, Director of Gallerysmith North Melbourne has Highly Commended a further two artists; Dianna Wells for her photograph Untitled (Epping) and Judy Holding for her watercolour Rainy Day Birds


Dianna Wells, Untitled (Epping)                                     Judy Holding, Rainy Day Birds      

Images of other artworks in the Award Exhibition will soon appear on this page.

 The Award aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and we are encouraged by the support of artists that have entered the Award and are aligned with this objective.  The Award exhibition runs from June 8 - July 20.


The following artworks were pre-selected for the 2014 SCOPE Galleries Art Award - Art Concerning Environment exhibition.

AGUAS Evangeline - Lot 28

BECKER Genevre - Deep Within #1

BRECELY Walter - Searching

BUCKMASTER Lizzie - Drift Rise Swell Tide

BUDD Dianna - Four and Twenty Blackbirds # 2

BUTTERWORTH Peter - Unforgiving

CHRISTIE Angus - Balance Point

CLIFFE Gregory Laurence - From a Dark Place

DE VILLE Julia - Albumen

EDWARDS Deirdre - Forest of Changing Light and Changing Seasons

FABIJANSKA Kasia - Trace # 2

FLEMING Anne - The Divide

FOLETTA Louise - Stories: Black Saturday Series

GORRINGE-SMITH Kate - With Wilderness all Around

HENSHALL Phil - Bourne Creek

HERITAGE John - Eco Construction # 1

HOLDING Judy - Rainy Day Birds

JONES Claude - Deering Defense

KANNAR Lea - Angophora

KOTYNSKI Carly - Conservation Status

KRAUSE Ann - Seaweed Ware

MACFARLANE Larissa - An Archive of Lizard, the Land and Some Nuclear Tests

MADDERN Lisa - Canola Yellow Vessel

MANIFOLD Harley - The Witness

MANIFOLD Marion - Dearest Sophie, the Bandicoots are so Numerous and Sneak our Supplies

MORGAN Glen - Fools in Denial

MUIR Sharon - The Honeymoon is Over

NEVIN BERGER Becky - Entropy and Apathy

PHILLIPS Laura - Search for Habitat # 2

QUICK Ron - Gaia Restores

ROWE Chris - Pontoon

SMITH Melissa - Midden

TARANTO Ben - Sinker

TARPEY Kim - The Angels of Reenactment

WALKER Liz - I once had a Bird in my Garden

WALKER Mary-Jane - After the Fall

WELLS Dianna - Untitled (Epping)

WILSON Carole - Worlds Apart

 2012 Award

The SCOPE Galleries Environmental Award - Art Concerning Environment is a National non-acquisitive Biennial Award with a cash prize $5,000.

CARMEL WALLACE was the winner of the 2012 SCOPE Galleries Art Award - Art Concerning Environment for her artwork entitled Forests to Have and to Hold



Carmel Wallace, Forests to Have and to Hold 2012, recycled kitchen knives and bread board, 40 x 28 x 19cm (acquired by the Warrnambool Art Gallery)


Coinciding with the Award, Guy Abrahams presented a public lecture entitled "Sustainability and the Arts" at the Warrnambool Art Gallery on Saturday June 2.  SCOPE Galleries acknowledges the support of the Warrnambool Art Gallery in the staging of this event.  The lecture was very well received by a large cross-section of the community.  For more information on Sustainability and the Arts please go to 

Award Exhibition June 2 - July 1, 2012 

Finalists  in the 2012 SCOPE Galleries Art Award - Art Concerning Environment  

BAILEY Cath - Seal your Fate 

BAIN Scott - Micromachina: Eradication 

BRIDGLAND Kim - -Untitled #1 (Obstinate Dust)

BRIMBLECOMBE-FOX Kathryn - $Oils Ain't $Oils Anymore 

BRISBANE Melody - House on the Hill

CHAFFEY Antonia - Menindie-Bijijie

CLARKE Matthew - Native Tortoise visits Windfarm

COOKE Phillip - Every motion moves further away from gold

CORNELISSEN Carley - If things had turned out better we could have had a party

COX Dale - Untitled (Tract 14)

CRABBE Delia - What Fragments will Remain 

DELRUE Chantale - Evening Light, Shades of the Forest 

DEVILLE Julia - Profit Still, if Bird or Devil

DOGGETT-WILLIAMS Phillip - No Climate for Change

DRIVER Carole - Phytomorphs

FOLETTA Louise - Black Saturday Series: Reocurring Image 

GILL Cassandra - The Nature of a Jungle #2

GODMAN Lloyd - Nature Reclaims the Helix

GROMM Michael - When we build walls we build houses (phoenix)

HANCOCK Glenistair - From Fukushima to Warrnambool 

HOLDING Judy - Dry Landscape

JAGIELLO Pennie - Milkey Lei

KANNAR Lea - Opening Soon 

KENNEDY Roz - We own Nothing

KEY Michelle - Silent Spring

KRAUSE Ann - Too Cosy

LAWSON Rosalind - Flood #1

LYON Kay - Bowmaker

MANIAS Evonne - Gulf of Mexico Pelican # 1

MARR Scott - Lure

MCCANN Jeff - Motherly Nature

MORGAN Glen - Dust Storm at Foxhow

MUIR Sharon - Tread Lightly

NELL Barbara - Implicated by Nature, Crossley Cows 

PALETHORPE Jan - Phasmid 

PALLAS-HONES Cel - Firebug

PERKINS Ivana - Penguins on Ice 

PETERS Rachel - Turning the Tide

PICKUP Cherrie - Evidence of the Consumerolithic Period when Busy Humans Roamed         the Earth

PRIMROSE Claire - Looking for Signs

REDWOOD Deborah - Ocean Plastic

RICHARDS Karen - Vandal 

SHALLESS Jill - Footprint in Time

SMITH Melissa - Holding my Breath

SMITH Stuart - Built to Last

STEWART Don - The End of the Long Line

STIBIO Christophe - On the Lake, I Still Love You

STUBBS Dawn - Pongo Pygmaeus

TARPEY Kim - Moby Dick meets the Japanese Whalers

TRETHOWAN Sarah - Nowhere to Go

VAN DER WAERDEN Angela - Venus

WALLACE Carmel - Forests to Have and to Hold 

WOLTHUIZEN Joanna - Full Circle

WOODROFFE Katy - After the Deluge

ZAHRA-KING Louiseann - Lullaby