SCOPE Galleries Warrnambool

Client Services



Arts Consultancy

Consultancy is available for curatorial projects, arts related events and funding applications.


Leasing of Artwork

Artwork is available to private and corporate clients through termed leasing arrangements which can form the basis of a purchase payment plan for the artwork.  On request, SCOPE Galleries can provide a professional hanging system and can undertake the installation of leased artwork for their clients. For corporate clients the cost associated with leasing of artwork can be a valid tax deduction depending on the nature of the business and the value of the artwork leased (see your business accountant for full details).  For further information regarding leasing artwork contact the Director of SCOPE Galleries.


SCOPE Galleries Payment Plans

Entering into a payment plan is an ideal way to secure that original artwork you've been admiring.  Flexible terms can be negotiated to suit the client's needs and no interest is paid on termed plans.


Gift Vouchers

SCOPE Galleries offer gift vouchers which can be spent on artwork or jewellery within the Gallery.  SCOPE vouchers can be purchased for any amount and make a unique gift for special occasions.


Bridal Registry

SCOPE Galleries are pleased to offer a Bridal Registry service to clients.  Original artwork is an investment that may accrue in value over the years.  However, choosing artwork for others is a difficult task given the subjective nature of art appreciation.  Couples can now nominate SCOPE Galleries as a gift registry for their wedding and be assured of selecting original artwork that is to their liking.